Event Overview


Competition overview

Name of the Competition: 2019 Busan Sea Marathon sponsored by Sungwoo Hitech

Date and Time: 08:00 October 6, 2019  

Category: Half course (21.097km), 10km, 5km/slow jogging

Entries: 15,000

Assembly area: Bexco outdoor square

Host: Busan Daily, Busan Metropolitan City

Supervisor: Busan Metropolitan City Athletics Federation, Busan Infrastructure Corporation, Pan-Company

Sponsor: Busan Metropolitan City Athletics Federation

Category and Participation Fee

Half course: 40,000won

10Km course: 30,000won

Km couples course (2 persons): 60,000won (couples, boyfriend girlfriend, friends, co-workers, siblings, others (any two person units that fit into the categories)

5Km/slow jogging course: 20,000won


Courses by types and starting times

Half course: Through Busan Cinema Center, Sooyoung Riverside Road, Gwangan Grand Bridge (upper deck), Gwangalli Beach

Start at Bexco --> Busan Cinema Center --> Sooyoung Riverside Road --> U-turn at Centum Piore Apts. --> Sooyoung Riverside toll booth --> Gwangan Grand Bridge upper deck --> Yongdang ramp --> U-turn at Daeyun bridge --> Gwangalli beach ramp --> Samik Apts. Beachfront road --> Gwangalli beach --> Minracksoo road --> Sooyoung bridge --> finish at Bexco square

10Km course: Start from Gwangan Grand bridge (upper deck), through Gwangalli beach

Start at Gwangan Grand bridge upper deck --> Gwangan beach ramp --> Samick Apts., Beachfront road --> Gwanalli beach --> Minracksoo road --> Sooyoung bridge --> finish at Bexco square

5Km course: Gwangan Grand bridge upper deck --> first tower of Gwangan Grand bridge  

Start at Gwangan Grand bridge upper deck --> first tower of Gwangan Grand bridge (U-turn) --> Woo-dong ramp --> finish at Bexco square


Starting time  

Half marathon course: 08:25 / 10km course: 08:00 / 5km slow jogging course: 08:20 estimated (will start after the start of 10km course)

10Km, 5km course participants will assemble at the Bexco square at 07:30 and proceed to Gwangan Grand bridge upper deck and will start the race there separately.


Time limit (based on the time it requires to finish the race after the start for all courses)

Busan Sea Marathon will strictly enforce the time limit to minimize the inconvenience of traffic restrictions for Busan citizens

Half marathon event - 2 hours 30 minutes, 10km course - 2 hours, 5km/slow jogging (green kids run) course - 1 hour and 30 minutes


Participating application

Application period: July 15, 2019 10:00 ~ September 20, 2019 18:00

Account for remittance: 027-01-052986-2 Busan Bank

Please remit the amount within three days from submission of application

Group application of 30 persons or above will be provided with a group tent

For group application of over 60 persons, please contact management office



Application period: September 20, 2019 18:00 (course change, refund, change of persons not allowed after this deadline)

Application method: only through telephone (051-461-4046~7) at the management office, in order for personal identification

Refund amount: 10% charge levied for processing fee

(Half marathon 36,000won, 10km 27,000won, 5km/slow jogging 18,000won)

Refund date: On the day of the competition (2019. 10. 6) within one month thereafter.

Please reconfirm your personal information (name, date of birth, contact number) and personal account information (bank, name and account number) prior to contacting management office for requesting refund.

Change of course and personal information (name, contact number and address, etc.) is impossible after the refund request period.


The traffic control hours per sectors during the marathon competition: please refer to a separate notice


Safety procedures

The competition will prioritize safety first

There will be emergency contact system setup with neighboring hospitals and EMT personnel and ambulances will be on standby.

Each participant shall be responsible for their own health but the host shall support by providing accident insurances.



[부산일보] - 부산은행 - 027-01-052986-2

  051. 461. 4046~7       marathon@busan.com

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